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Title: All a Pile of Clothes on the Floor...
Author: no duh...0_o
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Sirius Black/Severus Snape
Warnings: Bondage, slash (male/male relationship and/or sex), sex.
Disclaimer: The characters of the Harry Potter book series sre not mine, they belong to JK Rowling.
Author's Notes: I wrote this for a Pornish Pixies challenge forever and a day ago, but I am not a member, so I could not post it :( But I wrote it anyway, and so here it is.

He felt his hands lifted by chains, felt the lock closing on the manacles, tested them. Tight, but not too tight.
He was left standing against a wall as Sirius walked to the next room. Severus groaned and strained against the chains, knowing he could not escape. Somehow, the knowledge made it that much more delicious.
Chained to the wall in Sirius' rooms, helpless, completely at his lover's mercy.
Lifting his head, Severus watched the as the man slunk back into the room, carrying a vial of liquid and a length of cloth. He groaned again just seeing it.
Setting the vial on a table nearby, Sirius grinned ferally. Walking to Severus, he held the strip of cloth up to Severus' eyes, tying it tightly enough that it would not slip. As he tied it, his body pressed against Severus' own. Grinding his hips forward, Sirius kissed him.
It was a fierce and overpowering kiss, at the same time as it gently touched him, showing undying love and devotion. Severus melted, letting the chains on his arms momentarily support his weight, as he was swept up in a wave of heat.
Abruptly, Sirius stepped away. His hands left Severus' hips, and he gently tugged at Severus' lower lip with his teeth, before that contact, too, was lost.
Severus whimpered, his breath coming in short, quick gasps. He was unbearably hard, but Sirius was denying him release.
"Oh, god, Sirius, please-"
"All in good time, Severus." Severus turned his head as Sirius' footsteps receded, and whimpered into his arm. Sirius returned, petting Severus' cheek.
"So beautiful," he breathed, making a shiver run down Severus' spine. A kiss ghosted over his lips, then Sirius was gone again.
Time. Time to feel. Time to think. Time. How much time had passed? No way to tell. Quiet sounds were all he heard. A drip in the kitchen. A ticking clock.
"Sirius?" Footsteps came closer, closer. A hand traced his furrowed brow, touched his lips, caressed his cheek, before the fingers were replaced by lips. A hand drifted down his side, eventually resting on his hip. Another hand went to the clasp of his cloak. A small click and it slithered of his shoulders to land on the floor. The buttons of his pants were slowly undone, and they soon rested around his ankles. Severus squirmed as a hand slid over his cock, faintly pressing into it before sliding to the band of the black silk boxers he wore. Severus blushed at the thought of them, embarassed, as Sirius chuckled slightly.
Then that beautiful mouth began sucking on his neck, and all embaressment fled. Groaning, he strained at the chains. "No!" he ground out. He needed to touch Sirius, he needed to hold him, feel him, something... Sirius drew back slightly to blow on the wet patch he'd created, and Severus went wild. He arched forward, head falling back, and panted out: "Oh, god, Sirius, you're killing me!"
Sirius blew again, then began slowly moving downwards. He stopped at Severus' nipples. Pulling one into his mouth, he began to lick at it, biting down, while rolling the other in his fingers. Severus moaned at the slow pace his lover painstakingly set. He couldn't touch Sirius, couldn't hold him, couldn't even watch him! It was driving him mad!
A hand reached up to his face. A thumb caressed his lower lip, and when Severus' mouth opened, two fingers slipped inside. Sirius' voice, husky with need, uttered a single word: "suck." As he moved his attention to laving Severus' other nipple with his tongue, Severus did.
He tenderly licked and sucked on those two fingers, just as though they were Sirius' cock, caressing them with his tongue. Sirius groaned against his chest when Severus flicked his tongue on the tips of the fingers held between his lips.
Sirius pulled his fingers out, and Severus gasped as his boxers slid liquidly down his legs, to pool at his feet.
A hand cupped him, one rough thumb gently caressing the slit at the end of his impossibly hard cock. Then the other hand slid down to probe gently at his puckered entrance. The first moistened finger slid inside, followed soon by the next. They moved in a slow scissoring motion, stretching him wider and wider. Another finger slipped in, then another. Sirius was fisting him!
Sliding down, Sirius gave his attention to Severus' balls, first rolling them in his fingers, then licking at them. Severus moaned. Shivers were running up and down his spine.
Then it all stopped. Severus whimpered. Where was Sirius? Then a clank, and his arms were lowered, though they remained shackled.
"Come on, love," Sirius whispered into his ear.
Severus stepped out of the pile of his clothing, moving forward hesitantly. "Come on, that's it. You'll be fine. Relax. Trust, Severus. Trust me."
With encouragement, he made it to the bed. "Stop," Sirius commanded. "Lie down, and stretch out." Severus did so, and he soon found himself chained by his wrists to the bedposts.
Frowning, he turned his head. "Sirius?" No reply. But suddenly there were warm lips sucking on his neck. "Mmmmm..."
Sirius began to move lower again. Nipples. "Oooooh..." His belly button got a thorough tongue-fuck, rendering him speechless.
Then Sirius moved lower still, approached Severus' engorged and weeping cock. And passed by. Severus made an incoherent sound of protest. Sirius breath sensually slid over his skin as a chuckle, and Severus whined deep in his throat.
"Merlin, Severus," his lover whispered huskily. Nudging open Severus' thighs, he slid his tongue over Severus' balls, and smiled at his strangled exhalation, doing it again. Severus arched upward into the air, breathing quick and harsh.
Sirius used his hands to pin severus' hips down, ignoring his protest, which ended in a strangled scream of relief, as Sirius' lips closed over his straining cock.
Then Sirius pulled back. "Severus, don't come. Not until the right time. You'll know." With that, those beautiful lips were back on him, sliding down lower, bobbing up, sliding down...
"Mmmm... Oh, Merlin!" He wanted so badly to thrust up into that wonderful, beautiful cavern of heat, but Sirius' hands, his beautiful, talented hands held his hips down- And "Oh, sweet Merlin!" he was humming now, and, "Oh!" it felt too good, and he couldn't possibly feel any more pleasured- But, no, one of those hands, his hands, was inside him again- "Oh, oooohhh, mmmm... I, oh Merlin!, I can't, I'm-" He couldn't possibly hold on any longer- "Can I-" He saw a small nod, and, oh, when did that happen? But no matter.
A particularly hard suck, and he was off.
Coming back to himself, Severus felt the manacles unlock, and immediatly wrapped his arms around his lover, who had straddled him to get at the cuffs.
"Mmm... Severus!" Sirius had at first leaned into the sucking on his neck, but pulled back when a hand stroked his cock.
Severus looked up with passion in his eyes. "Sirius, please- Fuck me!"

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