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Ami Elizabeth


I think this little poem is appropraite for this community. It was written for dragons_f_wolf and the subject is, of course, Severus Snape, an unknown narrator who could be Hermione Granger, and a heavy suggestion of bondage. I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

Magical Bonds
By Ami E. Bowen

My eyes are open yet I cannot see
A vision of blackness
The feel of darkness across my flesh
Oh, it feels like you
Where confusion ends and fear begins
Where the unknown reigns surpreme
And nothing matters but for the touch of your lips
And fingertips
Grazing, gliding, sliding across all my secret places
Butterfly lashings, crimson stains my skin
Oh, it feels like you
Leather and lace
A perfect match
A perfect marraige of your tongue upon my throat
Teeth near my ear now as your whispered words
Puncuate my essence
My core is dripping with every syllable, every vowel
Every sentence that you utter.
Straining against the bonds, holding me down
Magical bonds
Invisible bonds, only you can see
Oh, It is really you?
My mouth sealed tight
With a single word
With a single thought
You have me writhing, crying, pleading
Unaware of anything
I am blind to my surroundings
You engulf my being
With a touch, a taste, a stolen glance
You have become...
My world
My universe
My pleasure
And my pain

Happy Month of Flogging!

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